NYPA helps the City of Syracuse lay its smart city base


The New York Power Authority and the City of Syracuse have embarked on a smart street lighting initiative as part of a broader smart city project.

The two have expanded a partnership with smart city solutions firm CIMCON.

CIMCON will provide the city with an intelligent lighting controls system to monitor and operate some 17.500 new streetlights.

The project will help the city to improve lighting, achieve fiscal sustainability goals and to becoming a growing and more prosperous city.

Improved monitoring and management of the city’s streetlight infrastructure will enable proactive repairs and reduced maintenance costs.

The new streetlights are anticipated to deliver more than $3 million in annual savings.

In addition, they are expected to provide better quality light, reduce the need for citizens to report outages, and improve lighting for the city’s first responders.

Mayor Ben Walsh, said: “This smart investment immediately helps us achieve our vision of creating a growing city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all.

“The partnership with CIMCON, Presidio, and Cisco will advance our economy and create opportunity for all of our residents, helping Syracuse surge forward as the flagship smart city in New York State.”

Anil Agrawal, CIMCON CEO. “We look forward to working with the city to leverage new smart city technologies that will provide immediate value, while supporting the development of a safer, more secure and environmentally friendly living experience for Syracuse residents.”