NYSERDA issues report on 2018 clean energy industry


The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority issued a new whitepaper showing the results of a study conducted to track the progress of the state’s clean energy industry.

The report is the organisation’s second annual report assessing the impact of the $5 billion investment which the state has pledged to invest over a period of 10 years.

New York has set a goal to expand its clean energy industry and generate 50% of its electricity from renewables including solar, wind and hydro by 2030.

According to the report, the state is ranked third on energy efficiency employment and solar energy jobs in the US.

In addition, grid modernisation and the adoption of distributed energy resources such as energy storage is intensifying. The two sectors saw a 12.6% job growth in 2017.

Key findings of the report, include:

  1. A nearly 4% rate of employment growth in 2017, doubling the nationwide average of 1.6% per annum.
  2. A 7.4% growth in clean energy jobs since 2015
  3. The state’s clean energy industry now employs 151,000 workers.
  4. 5,686 new jobs were created in 2017
  5. An additional 3,758 indirect and induced clean energy jobs were created in 2017
  6. The solar industry lost some 553 jobs in 2017
  7. Since 2015, 10,501 new jobs have been created
  8. The energy efficiency sector employed 117,300 workers in 2017 and received $4.1 billion in funding

The findings of the report will be used by NYSERDA to develop its workforce training programmes and address the shortage of skilled clean energy workforce.

Alicia Barton, CEO of NYSERDA, said: “We are proving that advancing policies to fight climate change and deploy clean energy do not come at a trade-off for economic growth—they are the fuel that is cranking a fast-growing economic engine. The results will be cleaner air, a more sustainable environment, and better jobs for New Yorkers.”

From the findings of the report, NYSERDA has reiterated that:

  1. Firms that participate in the clean energy sector are focusing more of their employees’ time and effort on clean energy products and services.
  2. Clean energy provides opportunity in all regions of the State.
  3. Clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship is strong in New York, but firms need support in the commercialisation and growth stage of innovation.

The report is available for download here…