PacifiCorp combines solar and storage to enhance Utah operations


A US energy provider to 1.9 million customers in six western states has selected a partner for its combined clean energy and energy storage project to ensure grid reliability.

PacifiCorp and its subsidiary Rocky Mountain Power partnered with Black & Veatch to combine a 1MW/5MWh grid-scale battery storage with a 650KW solar energy system to address a transmission and distribution system reliability need.

Black & Veatch will engineer and construct a battery energy storage project that will support reliable and sustainable electricity to residents in the Utah town of Panguitch.

The aim is to store energy during times when solar generation is high for use during times when renewable energy generation is low and energy demand is high.

The project employs batteries instead of upgrading traditional grid poles-and-wires infrastructure to meet growing energy demand and consumer needs.

Dave Leligdon, Senior Vice President and Director of Renewable Energy for Black & Veatch’s power business, said:  “Projects like the one in Panguitch are chipping away at old notions of the intermittency of renewable energy. Battery energy storage systems help deliver on the promise of solar PV by harnessing the time-varying and geographically distributed energy supply and increasing the availability and resilience of the electricity supply.

 “As the capacity of batteries rise and the costs of solar and battery equipment fall, we expect more utilities to join PacifiCorp in exploring these innovative solutions for their customers.”