Pennsylvania reduces emissions by 92%, expands energy production 11 times


Consumer Energy Alliance has released the results of its study conducted to understand greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of measures deployed in Pennsylvania to address climate change.

According to the analysis, Pennsylvania reduced its emissions by 92% since 1990, despite energy demand and production increasing by 11 times over.

The decrease in emissions is also a result of an increase in natural gas plant processing 8 times between 2010 and 2017.

Key findings of the study include:

  • A 72% reduction in nitrogen oxides, a 92% decrease in sulfur dioxide, a 53% reduction in volatile organic compounds and a 17% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Pennsylvania is ranked second in natural gas production.
  • Industrial consumption dropped by 4.67%.
  • Pennsylvanians spent $3,108 for their energy needs in 2016 – At least 25.6% of their income went toward energy expenses.
  • Residents saved more than $30 billion owing to clean energy and energy efficiency programmes, according to CEA’s Energy Savings Report for Pennsylvania report.

Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta, said: “Pennsylvania’s energy industry is an important partner for a better environment and our state’s growth.

“As the CEA’s report underscores, we do not have to choose between a cleaner environment and a strong economy that requires more energy. Pennsylvania is among the nation’s leaders in emissions reductions, while our natural gas industry is producing at record levels.”

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David N. Taylor, CEO of Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association, said: “As the data shows, environmental improvements can be achieved even as Pennsylvania’s economic growth accelerates.

“The continuous improvement of our advanced industrial practices is reducing Pennsylvania emissions even as our manufacturing sector is adding more value to our economy than ever before. Specifically, cleaner-burning Pennsylvania natural gas is driving both of these positive outcomes.”

To view the analysis, click here.