SECC highlights consumer interests on technologies disrupting the energy industry


The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) has issued a new whitepaper highlighting consumer interest in smart homes, renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy efficiency.

The whitepaper Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation – Wave 7 states that:

  1. 76% of US consumers cite environmental benefits as a top reason for reducing their energy use
  2. Consumers are very interested in utility-scale renewable energy, including both solar and wind (37%)
  3. The vast majority of consumers (74%) are either somewhat or very interested in receiving bill credits for reducing home energy usage during peak demand
  4. 31% are likely to buy a smart thermostat in the next 12 months, and 27% state the same for smart appliances

The release of the report follows digitisation and decarbonisation efforts disrupting the energy industry. The proliferation of smart meters, the development of smart home technology and the increased importance of climate change is changing utility business cases and consumer demands.

The report introduces four new segments of energy consumers: Green Innovators, Tech-savvy Protégés, Movable Middle and Energy Indifferent. These consumer segments vary in interest, engagement, action and attitudes related to energy, and the report provides key insights into their preferences and recommendations for how electricity providers and their partners can better meet their expectations.

The report is available for download by SECC members here.