SoCalGas unveils $2.7 million school efficiency initiative


The largest natural gas distribution utility in the US has selected Willdan to implement a new energy efficiency programme.

The $2.7 million deal includes Willdan implementing the new Schools Energy Efficiency Programme for Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas).

The programme will promote natural gas savings by delivering free energy-efficiency projects and education to participating public and private schools.

Some 350 energy efficiency audits and upgrades will be implemented to deliver nearly 2,000,000 annual therms in gas saving.

Willdan will be responsible for the audits and installation of energy efficient appliances including aerators, low-flow pre-rinse spray valves, and thermostats.

Dan Rendler, director of customer programmes and assistance at SoCalGas, said: “SEEP will make natural-gas-saving upgrades more accessible and provide valuable energy efficiency information to our school customers.

“Making energy upgrades can reduce their energy consumption significantly and keep their utility bills affordable.”

“We have served educational facilities since 1986 and have delivered energy savings to over 950 schools in Southern California alone,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman.