First “smart neighbourhood” in Atlanta opens doors


US utility Georgia Power has partnered with residential construction firm PulteGroup, to open the first smart neighbourhood in Atlanta.

The “smart neighbourhood” is located at PulteGroup’s Altus at the Quarter development and includes 46 smart homes with energy efficient and intelligent lights, thermostats, security, HVAC,  garage door and voice-activated systems.

The project will provide Georgia Power and PulteGroup with data to analyse the effectiveness of technologies integrated with the homes participating in the project, including the optimisation of energy by each home through intelligent coordination of home appliances, solar and battery storage systems.

Paul Bowers, CEO at Georgia Power, said: “The Smart Neighborhood will allow Georgia Power to continue to be at the forefront in offering innovative solutions that help our customers more efficiently manage their energy usage.

“The research, insights and learnings we receive from these homes will help us better understand the interactions between rooftop solar, in-home battery storage, energy efficiency measures and our electric grid – maximising the value of renewable energy and shaping how we grow our smart home offerings for customers.”