The top 30 greenest countries in the world


With the growing problems associated with carbon emissions, It is no secret that we need to make greater efforts to improve the sustainability of our planet, and many nations around the world are taking their responsibilities very seriously.

The environmental performance index is a way of measuring countries’ green credentials, with the EPI having ranked the top 30 nations based on a series of categories.

There are nine categories in total: agriculture, air quality, biodiversity and habitat, climate and energy, forests, fisheries, health impacts, water resources, as well as water and sanitation. Nations are ranked by their environmental performance across these categories, alongside how well they protect both human health and natural ecosystems.

But which countries are doing the most to effect change?

European nations are leading the way, particularly further north, with the top four spots all taken by the Nordic countries Denmark (fourth), Sweden (third), Iceland (second), and Finland in first place.

Finland sit on top of the EPI ranking due to the country’s societal commitment to greener living, with Finland having pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050, an ambition they are well on the way to achieving.

Thanks in part to having one of the largest geothermal power stations in the world, Iceland ranks second on this list – an amazing achievement considering the population of the whole country is about the same as Bradford.

The remaining spots in the top 10 are also taken by European countries, with Slovenia (fifth), Spain (sixth), Portugal (seventh), Estonia (eighth), Malta (ninth), and France (tenth), demonstrating the continent’s dedication to a greener future.  

New Zealand is the highest-ranking nation outside of Europe in eleventh, while the UK sits in twelfth, largely thanks to offshore wind farms. The USA, meanwhile, is just inside the top 30 (26th), sitting just behind Canada in 25th.

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