Utility unveils ‘Power BundleFlex’ for resilient energy mix


Paula Gold-Williams, the CEO of US utility CPS Energy has launched a new approach to learn and adopt new power generation technologies over the next 20 years and beyond.

 The aim is to come up with new ways on how to optimise management of existing assets as well to transition to newer power generation technologies.

The plan is expected to help CPS Energy to balance security, safety, reliability, resilience, the environment and affordability of its energy services. The plan is expected to reduce the utility’s carbon emissions.

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The plan includes partnerships and dialogues with customers, businesses, civic leaders, educators and administrators, associations and chambers, environmentalists, credit ratings agencies, and other interested stakeholders. 

For instance increasing solar capacity by between 300MW and 900MW, 10-50MW of battery storage, 300-500MW of gas capacity.

CPS Energy serves 840,750 electric and 352,585 natural gas customers.