Waste transformed into value on-site


Future cities will play a significant role in the value extraction of organic waste streams, to contribute toward a sustainable impact on the environment and on industry.

Netherlands-based innovators, The Waste Transformers, have anticipated this global opportunity by empowering local food waste producers to transform their organic waste streams into clean energy, natural fertiliser and raw materials for new products such as paper and textiles. 

Through an innovative containerised anaerobic digester, called a Waste Transformer, non-consumable food waste streams are transformed into clean energy and a high-quality natural fertiliser, all on-site. The modular Waste Transformer, which is a scalable, smart technology, is suited to organisations and municipalities, with a healthy business case and provides a new way to reduce companies’ waste management costs, environmental footprint and energy consumption.

Anaerobic digestion goes a couple of steps further than composting organic waste, and is a world apart from dumping it on landfill to rot. On-site anaerobic digestion produces clean energy, enabling the technology to run on its own produced excess power.

The fibres in the digestate are separated from the liquid, producing two organic end products; liquid fertiliser and dry compost. That organic fertilizer is not only a good source of income, it is also very important in fighting climate change and promoting long-term food production. Nutrients in the soil are stored in food, and are aggregated in cities. Nutrient flows end up there and do not flow back to the rural areas (farmland) anymore as natural fertilizer. Every year, more farmers have to deal with degraded soils and pose a dependency on artificial (oil based) fertilisers depleting their soils.


With different projects around the world, the company has found its momentum in Africa as well. The Waste Transformers and Growthpoint (South Africa) have united to take on the challenge of leveraging non-consumable food waste from shopping malls, to generate a decentralised change in the approach to organic waste in South Africa and around the world. 

This article was originally published in The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020. Read the full article here.

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