Space technology to monitor world’s first of its kind power plant


Artificial Intelligence engineering company Beyond Limits has secured a $25 million contract to build the world’s first cognitive power plant. 

The power plant will be built in West Africa and is financed by Swiss-based global financial firm Xcell Security House.

The $25 million deal includes the development of Cognitive Power Generation Advisor, a technology which originated for NASA missions, to monitor operations at the natural gas fired power plant.

Watch a video on artificial intelligence in the energy industry here

The technology is expected to improve:

  • Fault Detection to minimise unplanned downtime
  • Analyse historical data to provide a baseline of expected behavior.
  • Capture performance, sensor data for analysis
  • Identify dynamic behavior to establish remaining life
  • Estimate current capability and trend toward failure
  • Improve plant efficiency
  • Increase consistency of efficiency management across shifts, leading to a more uniform operational response
  • Establish weather patterns to inform the operator on actions to take to maintain steady-state operation.

The aim of the project is to drive core industrial capacity and power economic development in West Africa.

Beyond Limits CEO, AJ Abdallat, said: “If we can help a power plant operate more efficiently, a refinery more economically, or an exploration rig more accurately, it helps the environment and the economy. And the resulting revenue from AI quickly adds up to millions per year.”