Broadening the use of PRIME Technology

Smart Energy International spoke to Asiev Llano, Research and Development manager for ZIV PRIME ALLIANCE, about the future of low-voltage communications, the maturing of smart metering, and PRIME ALLIANCE’s commitment enabling communications in 2019.

One of the biggest innovations is Broadband over powerline technology (BPL), which, with a frequency of 500kHz, can open the door to smart cities, IIOT and the smart grid of the future:

About PRIME ALLIANCE’s BPL PRIME specification:

The PRIME solution, born for narrow band, works perfectly for smart metering. For the increasing need of more data transfer, PRIME Alliance is developing the BPL PRIME specification, available in the coming months. Alternatively, acknowledging that electric topologies require an efficient mix of solutions, a PLC-RF (radio frequency) PRIME specification will be also available in the coming months.