CFE expands smart grid programme with Silver Spring


Through CFE’s Reducción de Pérdidas de Energía en Distribución smart grid programme, Silver Spring Networks’ standards-based wireless IoT technology will be integrated into EOS subsystems to connect approximately 92,000 advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices across Mexico City’s Southern District and approximately 71,000 AMI devices in Southeast Mexico through cabinet-based solutions.

Tecnologías EOS is a partner company to the project.Silver Spring has partnered with Tecnologías EOS at CFE to integrate Silver Spring’s IPv6 platform and SensorIQ, an application for data collection and delivery to enable remote reading, command, and control of the meters housed in a cabinet to help prevent non-technical loss for residents and businesses. The cabinet solution will also enable Tecnologías EOS to provide remote indoor displays to help customers monitor their energy usage.

In a release, Bernardo Castro Inclan, CEO, Tecnologías EOS, said: “Silver Spring Networks’ deployment in Mexico delivers on its promised benefits by helping CFE improve the reliability of its service and give its customers the tools to better manage their energy usage,” said Bernardo Castro Inclan, CEO, Tecnologías EOS.

Improving service reliability

“Its proven multi-application network delivers the security, scalability, performance and range required to meet the unique needs of these service areas dramatically varied dense urban and remote rural topographies.”

“Through our collaboration with Tecnologías EOS, CFE, the largest utility in the Americas, is deploying Silver Spring Networks’ smart grid solutions in two of Mexico City’s three service districts,” said Dave Whalen, general manager – Americas, Silver Spring Networks. “Advanced metering helps address inefficient use of energy, improves grid reliability, lowers pollution, and enables the utility to deliver better quality of service for increased customer satisfaction. CFE’s success with loss reduction through its use of smart grid solutions provides a clear example for other energy providers in high-growth markets that are looking to modernize their infrastructure while maintaining profitability.”

CFE, the largest utility in the Americas, serves more than 40 million customers across 16 divisions throughout Mexico. With today’s announcement, Silver Spring will be present in three of CFE’s divisions. In 2015, Silver Spring announced its selection to connect 140,000 AMI devices in Mexico City’s Central District.

CFE recently unveiled its 2017-2021 Plan, which includes a $13.7 billion investment in distribution networks, including modernization and the development of a smart grid.

Image credit: Shutterstock