2.4 billion customer-outage minutes avoided in 2017

 US-based smart grid solutions firm S&C Electric Company has helped utilities across the globe to avoid more than 2.4 billion customer-outage minutes in 2017.

Mike Edmonds, S&C president in the US, said: “2017 has shined a spotlight on the impact power outages have on customers of all sizes. When we help a utility avoid a power outage or get the lights back on faster, we are helping people around the world avoid a bad day and get back to business.

“But our work isn’t done. S&C’s latest research shows that outages continue to have a significant impact on utilities. As a company, we will continue to push the industry and regulation forward in an effort to reduce the significant economic impact of power outages worldwide.”

In a study State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability, S&C Electric finds that:

  • 25% of companies experience power outages at least once a month.
  • 71% of commercial/industrial customers own or plan to develop alternative energy sources, supplementing their current provider’s generation and power reliability.
  • 67% of commercial/industrial customers believe major events (weather and generation loss) and outages lasting less than five minutes, which aren’t currently tracked by the industry, should be factored into reliability measurements.

The study includes the findings of a survey of over 250 energy managers of commercial and industrial businesses across the US.

“While research shows grid reliability is improving, the customer’s perspective isn’t always accounted for,” added Edmonds.

“What we learned through this research is that customers continue to see significant impacts from power outages, and they want to raise the bar for how power reliability is measured.”

In the US alone, power outages cost the US economy approximately $79 billion a year, with 98% of the economic impact affecting commercial and industrial customers, according to the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Image credit: Stock