DEWA – Huawei enhance co-operation in disruptive technologies


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Huawei have agreed to increase cooperation in innovation, disruptive technologies, smart grids, digital transformation, automation, cloud platforms, and artificial intelligence.

DEWA and Huawei are to increase the scope of their partnership in technology investments and by exchanging best practices, solutions and experiences.

The two have launched a joint AI lab to co-develop and implement digital services for the Middle East region.

DEWA and Huawei also launched a training facility to equip the utility’s staff with skills in areas such as the fourth industrial revolution and disruptive technologies.

DEWA says its partnership with Huawei will help the utilitiy achieve the goals set as part of the UAE’s Centennial 2071; the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, and the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The main goal is to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

The other goals include:

  • To redefine the concept of utilities and create a new digital future for Dubai, in efforts to make it the world’s premier digital destination
  • To launch advanced solar power technologies in Dubai
  • To deploy a renewable energy grid with innovative energy storage technologies
  • To make Dubai the first city to provide AI-based electricity and water services.