Utility saves 41GWh using energy reporting for non-AMI customers


US energy provider Rocky Mountain Power has saved over 41GWh in one year by employing analytics for its non-smart meter customers.

The energy saved is equivalent to eliminating carbon emissions from more than 31 million pounds of coal burned.

The utility partnered with Bidgely to employ an artificial intelligence-based home energy report solution.

The solution iHERs has delivered these savings at an average of approximately 4 cents per kilowatt hour – an approximately 25% cost reduction compared to conventional Home Energy Reports.

As part of the programme, some 330,000 customers without smart meters across Utah participated. Over 50% of the 330,000 received itemised energy reports whilst 1 million got access to a web dashboard.

iHERs has improved the utility’s customer engagement through personalisation of services.

Rocky Mountain Power has recorded a 38% increase in email open rates and 80% “Likes.”

Clay Monroe, director of customer relations for Rocky Mountain Power, said: “We were searching for the next wave of customer engagement and a way to drive customers toward a digital, two-way dialogue with us.

“With AI reports we are able to quickly shift from conventional methods of reporting, using general peer comparisons, to true energy empowerment with itemized energy bills and personalized savings tips, while at the same time moving customers to digital reports.”

“Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and digitalisation helps utilities achieve their common goal of a scalable, personalised experience for customers,” Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta commented. “Rocky Mountain Power’s leadership in AI is resulting in success not only for energy savings and engagement, but it is delighting customers across their territory.”