Enedis selects energy transition IT partner


Enedis has selected Orange Business Services for to assist in its transition towards smarter and more resilient grid network operations.

Orange will provide the utility with innovative IT, communications and digital technologies to manage complex grid operations due to increased integration with distributed energy resources including wind/solar generators and EV chargers.

The wide area network to be deployed, maintained and operated by Orange will connect hundreds of thousands of communicating objects spread across the electricity distribution network in France, along with over 3,000 industrial sites by 2026.

Orange Cyberdefense experts will strengthen the system’s security.

The development will enable Enedis to develop an energy flow data collection system for real-time surveillance of substations, automated self-healing during faults and remote management of the whole network.

This will enable the reliability of Enedis’ grid networks through the balancing of energy generation, supply and consumption.

The project is expected to help the utility to expand its renewable energy portfolio.

Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services, said: “The Enedis project is a concrete illustration of the major change affecting the digital transformation of companies, which is being enriched by data to create more value and new uses. We are proud to help Enedis modernise its energy distribution networks, which are becoming more efficient and more environmentally friendly, and pave the way for smarter territories.”

“The development of smart power networks is a major priority for Enedis. More than a contract with Orange Business Services, it’s an industrial partnership. It allows us to reinforce and secure our industrial strategy to deploy smart grid technology at the service of the energy transition and to contribute to the digital transformation of our industry,” adds Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Enedis.