Enel launches Italian innovation hub


Enel has launched an innovation hub and lab in Passo Martino, in the Italian province of Catania.

The 100,000 square meter campus will focus on research and development of innovative renewable energy solutions and digital technologies including IoT, big data, automation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The facility will host start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and other national and foreign companies, as well as world-class research centers to experiment ‘disruptive’ systems for the energy field.

For instance, Enel will use the new facility to support on-going collaborations on technologies to accelerate solar, thermal and photovoltaic, micro-grids, storage and wind adoption, through the implementation of indoor and outdoor testing.

Assistance provided will include helping startups raise capital through Enel’s venture capital partner funds and banks.

The news follows Enel acquiring Yousave, an Italian company active in the energy efficiency field.