E.ON unveils intelligent power plant initiative


E.ON has unveiled a new programme to optimise the operations of its power plants and grid network through automation of generation and supply processes.

E.ON has launched IQ CHP. The intelligent Power Plant programme will develop power plants able to decide for themselves how much energy to produce and when, in line with consumer demands.

The utility, in partnership with food manufacturer DSM Nutritional Products, has commissioned the pilot power plant at Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany.

The plant comprises 22MW of gas turbine energy, an 8MW steam turbine and peak-load boiler.

The plant will be digitised and automated to help ensure energy supply security, grid reliability and help the consumer increase profitability and sustainability.

According to a statement, the system will:

  • Use real-time information from production around the clock and compare it with the electricity market. The plant then determines whether it uses energy solely for the production process or whether it additionally participates in the electricity market.
  • Able to generate a forecast for next day’s schedule.
  • Detect and analyse malfunction at early stages for better availability, process stability and faster response times.
  • Help maximise energy efficiency, as well as reduce carbon emissions

Anthony Ainsworth, the new CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies, said: “It is an honour that complex infrastructures such as the chemical industry rely on E.ON as their energy partner. The DSM example shows how we can jointly with our customers make progress that each would never have achieved on its own. We want to install our system in many power plants. It makes our customers more competitive and enables them to contribute to grid stability and climate protection.”