Essent launches smart energy as a service


Dutch energy company Essent has launched Energy Infrastructure Solutions to deliver smart energy solutions for customers.

The new offering combines heating, cooling, electricity, hydrogen, energy efficiency, storage and mobility to provide a tailor-made system for smart cities and neighbourhoods as well as industry and customers such as business parks.

The system is managed by an artificial intelligence-based digital layer, ectocloud, to optimise the energy use with claimed potential efficiency gains of up to 80% and reductions up to 20% in energy bills.

Essent’s offering, which draws on technology developments by parent company E.ON, is delivered as-a-service, i.e. built, owned and operated by the company.

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“As the largest energy supplier in the Netherlands, Essent is developing sustainable, smart energy solutions, with which the necessary energy transition is being practically realised step-by-step from today,” says COO Stephan Segbers.

“With Essent Energy Infrastructure Solutions we bring an overarching, innovative solution to the market. In this way, we can accelerate the energy transition in the built environment, industry and mobility on the way to 2050.”

The first initiative being undertaken is the City Logistics Innovation Campus (CLIC) logistics area development between Amsterdam and Schipol airport. Essent is partnering with the developer Somerset Capital Partners on the design of a tailored integrated energy system.

Robert Kreeft, CLIC project manager, says that a combination of heating, cooling, solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicles will be integrated across 20 buildings and an area of 120,000m2.

“Sustainable energy is an essential part of new solutions for urban logistics. We are proud that thanks to the collaboration with Essent, we can also become a leader in the development of the city logistics of the future in terms of energy supply.”

The solution is scalable so that it can be expanded as needed over time.