Alliance member announces EU-funded AMI and clean energy projects


devolo, a member of the G3-PLC Alliance, has been very active in the area of G3-PLC applications.

The Germany-based powerline communications and smart metering firm is involved in various G3-PLC activities, with a particular focus on national and Europe-wide funding projects CALLIA and ENERGY.

EU-funded CALLIA project

The projects involve investigating how energy transfer between distribution grids in two different countries is able to foster the integration of renewable energy.

The goals of the project include achieving more efficient integration of decentralised generation units and stabilisation of the European electricity grid.

Grid operators, research institutes and industrial partners from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Turkey will partner.

Germany-based International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz is coordinating the research and devolo will supply its powerline communications technology.

The project comes at a time when cross-border transmission of electricity is limited to the high voltage grid, yet the region’s climate protection goals require a safe and comprehensive integration of renewable energies on all voltage levels.

Smart metering in Turkey

In Turkey, devolo is partnering with energy distributor BEDAS to pilot G3-PLC communications to provide connectivity to smart meters.

The pilot is being implemented in two Istanbul districts Kumburgaz and Bakirkoy.

The communications technology is providing innovative IP-based data transmission in the frequency range 150-500 kHz.

G3-PLC uses the mains supply in the low-voltage level as infrastructure for communication. This helps reduce the costs of implementing a smart meter project.

The project is part of efforts by Turkey’s biggest energy distribution firm to modernise its network and improve services to its 5 million customers.

The ENERGY project – awarded with the GreenTec Award

As part of the project, devolo in partnership with Germany municipal utilities Krefeld Netze GmbH and Janitza electronics GmbH, the Universities of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and of Duisburg-Essen, researched the application of G3-PLC technology at the distribution network level.

The project “Measurement of the low-voltage side network state variables in real time” demonstrated using data collected from grid sensors for network planning and real-time grid management.

The data acquired was sent immediately to the network operator by means of power line communication. New computer-aided analysis methods enabled direct reaction to unpredictable fluctuations.

This helped reduce grid operational and maintenance costs.

The ENERGY project was successfully completed in 2016 and won an award from GreenTec.