Jamaican utility selects Silver Spring for smart grid project


Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is an integrated electric utility company and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica serving over 600,000 residential and commercial and industrial customers, for its smart grid programme.

[quote] JPS is expected to deploy Silver Spring’s open standards-based platform and SilverLink Software-as-a-Service to improve grid reliability, boost operational efficiency and drive revenue realisation.

According to a release, the smart grid programme supports Jamaica’s National Energy Policy 2009 – 2030, which emphasizes energy conservation and efficiency goals.

The project is also expected to help JPS customers to manage their energy costs more effectively through a web portal, which provides more timely and granular insights into their energy use.

Smart grid programme deployment

The first phase of the project is expected to begin this year serving 21,000 homes and businesses across the island.

Kelly Tomblin, President and CEO at JPS, said: “[The] multi-application platform and solutions will help JPS realise its goal of delivering customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing a tool that will facilitate the best possible efficiency, reliability, and benefits for our customers now and in the future.”

The multi-application platform will be leveraged in future to deploy future smart city solutions such as smart street lights, expand Pre-Pay options, TOU billing, distribution automation and other smart city and home functionalities across Jamaica.

Eric Dresselhuys, EVP of Global Development, Silver Spring Networks, added: “By selecting an open, standards-based platform, we can help ensure that Jamaica’s interests will be protected for years to come.”

Last year, JPS announced plans to spend US$40 million over  five years to improve the Jamaica electricity grid including the deployment of residential smart meters. [Jamaica electricity grid: Smart meters part of US$40m upgrade]

The funds are primarily targeted at reducing electricity losses especially in terms of electricity theft. JPS kicked off a smart meter pilot in 2012, known as the Smart Grid Interface, and now 10% of its residential customers have advanced meters in their homes.

Image credit: hweblog.com.