Los Angeles takes advantage of IIoT network and distribution automation


Itron to improve grid awareness and renewable energy integration in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has signed an agreement with Itron to improve grid awareness and reduce operating costs.

In order to harness the power of intelligent connectivity at the edge, LADWP will deploy Itron’s Industrial IoT network and Distribution Automation (DA) solution with the goal of modernising its grid.  

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The largest municipal water and power utility in the nation, LADWP provides electricity to 1.5 million residential and business customers. Increasing grid reliability, Itron’s DA solution will equip the utility to quickly identify problems, make decisions in real-time, automate outage resolution and reduce truck rolls. The solution will enable the utility to reduce operating costs by extending monitoring and control capabilities to a broad range of distribution devices on its electric system. 

By deploying Itron’s highly reliable, low latency communications network and DA solution, LADWP will strive to further improve customer satisfaction.

The utility expects to use Itron’s network to unlock the full potential of Industrial IoT, creating opportunities to add smart city applications to the network as future needs arise.

“With Itron’s holistic approach to grid management, LADWP will be able to improve customer service and grid reliability while laying the foundation for future smart city initiatives,” said Sharelynn Moore, senior vice president of Networked Solutions at Itron. “This collaboration will also enable Los Angeles to introduce more distributed energy resources, meet its sustainability goals and better respond to natural disasters.”