Mexico to invest $646m to build a smart grid


Mexico Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell made the announcement during a presentation of the plan, saying that Mexico has the know-how, technology and human resources to create a more modern grid.

During the same presentation, State utility CFE’s chief executive Jaime Hernández Martinez said that Mexico will invest more than 14.6bn pesos ($825m) this year toward the expansion and modernisation of the transmission and distribution network so that both public and private firms can deliver electricity to consumers.

Coldwell noted that digital metering technology and communications will be leveraged to make the grid more reliable, stable, safe and efficient, according to BN Americas.

BN Americas adds that CFE has already implemented grid upgrades in various states, and in 2015 awarded a smart grid contract to Silver Spring Networks for the capital city’s central district, reducing power theft and allowing customers to monitor their consumption. In September last year, CFE awarded a $170mn grid upgrade contract to reduce distribution losses to a consortium made up of Eléctricas de Medellín Ingeniería y Servicios, Edemtec and Siemens for the capital and neighboring Mexico state.

CFE and Siemens partnership

In June, Mexico’s CFE and Siemens announced that they would be furthering their plans to improve the competitiveness of the national electricity grid following a Letter of Intent signed in February this year.

Reporting on the news of the new agreement between Siemens and CFE, the El Semanario weekly paper, said: “The signing of this new agreement consolidates the progress of the work done on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between CFE and Siemens on February 14. The MoU sought to identify projects to modernise the national electricity grid, as well as evaluate the incorporation of new technologies and operational practices to improve the quality of the electric service that CFE provides to its customers.”

As part of the agreement,the Mexico City-based utility and Siemens have committed to continue working on the incorporation of new digitization technologies, toward improving the competitiveness of the national electricity grid as well as reducing costs. Read more…