Multi-purpose street lamps deployed in Hong Kong


ST Engineering has been selected as a partner in implementing an energy efficient lighting and smart city pilot in Hong Kong.

The firm will provide infrastructure that includes multi-purpose lamp posts for installation in Kowloon East.

The lamp posts will be connected with IoT communication networks and sensors to enable real-time collection of city data, such as weather, air quality, temperature, people and vehicle flow.

The data will be used for city management and support of various applications of smart city initiatives.

The lamp posts will also provide services including Wi-Fi hotspots, electric vehicle charging, information dashboard for maps and directions, real-time traffic updates and car parking space vacancy information to residents.

The lamp posts will be powered by renewable energy to help Hong Kong reduce its carbon footprint.

Mr Ravinder Singh, president of electronics, ST Engineering, said: “Having successfully deployed 15 million sensors globally for street lighting, water and energy management, we are excited by this opportunity to extend our technology and expertise to Hong Kong in its smart city journey.”