Spanish multinational signs ten-year digital transformation deal


Spanish multinational utility Naturgy, an energy provider to 18 million gas and electric consumers, has partnered with IBM to boost its digital transformation.

Naturgy has selected IBM for the design and implementation of hybrid cloud strategy to secure its network and transform into a utility of the future.

As part of ten year agreement, IBM will help Naturgy to leverage cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to remain competitive.

For instance, Naturgy will be able to access data from smart meters to create smart services or applications for consumers or field workers.

This will help the utility to offer consumer self-services and greater billing transparency with flexible prices

The utility will use a virtaul IBM innovation hub to access IBM’s research that explores new and disruptive IT applications and innovations.

Naturgy will also access IBM Watson’s AI capabilities for employees to access virtual assistants and other automation solutions for quicker IT resources and support.

IBM will help Naturgy to protect the utilities information assets providing a security control framework to monitor risks and threats and better prepare for incidents response.

The project is part of the utility’s LEAN initiative which aims to redesign the company’s business model to adapt to the significant transition period that the global energy industry is going through.

Juan Zufiria, IBM Senior Vice President for Global Technology Services, said “Consumers are demanding new types of services and access to more ways of engaging with their utility companies. Industry leaders like Naturgy have set the strategic direction for this industry overall by embracing advanced technologies like hybrid cloud and AI that can help enable them adapt to new energy consumption models.”