New advanced substation a ROI for utilities in Utah


Three utilities based in the US state of Utah have partnered to develop and launch an advanced substation top enhance customer services in south western Utah.

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), Deseret Power and Rocky Mountain Power have launched a unique substation, capable of serving customers from multiple utilities, to enhance services to existing consumers as well as to help the utilities meet growing portfolios of customers and next generation consumer demands.

The Purgatory Flat substation will be owned and operated by Rocky Mountain Power, at the same time supplying electric transmission feeds to Deseret Power and UAMPS members.

The substation will:

  1. Supply 166MW of energy, equivalent to the annual energy use of 80,000 homes
  2. Increase flexibility to re-route power in the event of service interruptions from weather or other causes, and aid overall system reliability.
  3. Contain equipment to transform the voltage from transmission lines to distribution circuits
  4. Contain protective equipment and switching facilities to ensure reliable service and aid  system maintenance and management of power interruptions.

The advanced substation is a result of research and development initiatives conducted by the three utilities since 2005.

A total of $400 million has been invested by the three energy firms to study the future transmission requirements for south western Utah.