New partnership to transform utility grid operations


Landis+Gyr is joining forces with Utilidata to provide groundbreaking grid management through the deployment of edge applications on Landis+Gyr advanced meters.

The integrated solution is planned initially for the North American market.

The solution will enable utilities to gather, analyse, and synthesise data from a multitude of grid endpoints.

In an energy climate of shifting consumer expectations, distributed energy resources (DERs), and aggressive clean energy mandates, creating the grid of the future is essential.

 Landis+Gyr’s AMI solution is built on Gridstream Connect, an IoT platform designed specifically for utilities, which enables edge applications to utilise the sensing and analysis capabilities of advanced meters. This platform is strengthened by the energy optimisation software of Utilidata’s applications that will leverage real-time data and machine learning to enable:

Grid visualisation using waveform analysis to provide unprecedented, real-time visibility into the distribution system, including power flow and locational awareness

  • Dynamic monitoring of distribution circuits utilizing peer-to-peer communication and edge processing to create a critical framework for both voltage optimisation (VVO) and seamless integration of DERs
  • Real-time fault detection combines edge-based waveform and system distribution analytics to identify and prioritise anomalies for improved grid reliability and faster response to safety issues

 Utilidata’s applications join additional technologies that are optimised by the Landis+Gyr metering platform, including energy management powered by Sense, a partner of both Landis+Gyr and Utilidata. Combining these technologies will illuminate both consumer behaviour and grid operations, leveraging innovative grid-edge hardware to create a complete, holistic picture of electric distribution and demand.  

 “Smart grid technologies are changing how utilities manage the distribution system. Utilities traditionally monitor distribution circuits from the substation to the grid edge but are missing critical visibility required for optimizing system performance,” said Tim Weidenbach, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Operations at Landis+Gyr. “These new edge applications leverage the distributed computing and sensing capabilities of our meters to monitor assets and grid activity at the edge. We see this as a continual evolution in how grid-edge intelligence drives the future of energy management and delivery.”

 “It is entirely possible to modernise and optimize the electric grid from the edge,” said Josh Brumberger, CEO of Utilidata. “The key is to match intelligent hardware with innovative software solutions for real-time, distributed data analysis, predictive modelling, and substation-to-meter optimization. With this as a foundation, realising an energy future with greater renewable energy resources, better demand management, and real-time response is within our sights. We are thrilled to be teaming up with Landis+Gyr to make great strides towards this future.”