New solution to help utilities address challenges of the 3D’s


CGI has launched its new CGI OpenGrid360 solution to empower utility network owners and operators to address the demands of the decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy market.

The solution accelerates utilities’ efforts to transform their power grids by providing more unified, accurate and real-time data. With this enhanced visibility, utilities can optimize operations, improve customer and workforce experiences, and create new revenue opportunities.

An end-to-end solution suite, CGI OpenGrid360 goes beyond business applications, to include strategic consulting, systems integration, and managed IT services, also offering an innovative data management approach. This approach combines an integrated network data model, master data management, integration layer and automation to enable a single view across a utility’s disparate enterprise systems.

CGI OpenGrid360 includes modules for asset, network and mobile workforce management, as well as solutions for advanced smart grids and renewable operations to help utilities maximize the benefits of data. While the modules can be used individually, even greater value can be achieved by implementing the full CGI solution suite. CGI OpenGrid360’s low-impact implementation approach is compatible with a utility’s existing systems and data environments, to support rapid deployment of new business capabilities without disrupting current operations. Its modularity and scalability also enable clients to take a pragmatic approach to delivering future capabilities.

CGI teams developed CGI OpenGrid360 based on expertise acquired from work on smart grid innovation programs, such as solving data challenges with Western Power Distribution (WPD). The solution can be delivered globally from North America and Europe, with onsite, onshore and offshore implementation options available.

With CGI OpenGrid360, network owners and operators can deploy in-house or third-party applications more rapidly to launch new services for consumers, prosumers and traditional producers. They can also improve the use of network assets, provide network flexibility services, and work more collaboratively in managing consumer-generated electricity.

Based on the findings of in-depth interviews with approximately 130 utilities business and technology leaders, the 2019 CGI Client Global Insights reveals that becoming a digital organization is the most impactful trend for those executives, while top business priorities include improving the customer experience, optimizing operations and harnessing the power of data analytics. While having accurate data is central to addressing these priorities, 75% of the executives indicate that data management and data quality are key challenges to implementing their digital strategy. CGI OpenGrid360 is positioned to address all of these priorities uniquely.

“CGI OpenGrid360 reflects CGI’s vision of an insight-driven, digitally integrated electricity grid,” said Dave Henderson, President of CGI’s U.S. commercial and state government operations. “Our unique network data model provides an integrated view of quality data that supports operational needs to help utilities accelerate modernization and innovation in an evolving energy landscape.”

“Access to accurate data is a critical challenge for network owners and operators,” said Tara McGeehan, President of CGI’s UK and Australia operations. “CGI OpenGrid360 was developed collaboratively with our clients to solve their data challenges with an innovative, comprehensive approach for data governance, management and integration.”