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News, insights and utility activities concerning developments and improvements to the electric grid, transmission lines, substations, transformers and distribution network. Furthermore, we highlight the digital technology, communication protocols, controls, automation and technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, allowing for smart response and demand management. The category also includes the influence of consumer interaction with smart devices within smart homes and the associated impact on tariffs and supply, as well as any and all topics relating to the power delivery system and energy consumption.

Hawaii and Republic of Korea sign agreement on smart grid development

[img:NeilA.thumbnail.jpg|Neil Abercrombie,
Governor of Hawaii
]Honolulu, HI, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- February 8, 2012 - Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie and Choi Kyu-Chong, director of the Electricity Market and Smart Grid Division of the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), have signed a letter of intent to pursue mutual interests in smart grid development in the Hawaiian islands.

Siemens and Atos collaborate on generation planning and energy trading solution

[img:Mrosk_0.jpg|Jan Mrosik,
CEO Smart Grid
division, Siemens
Infrastructure &
Cities Sector
]Nuremberg, Germany and Paris, France --- (METERING.COM) --- February 8, 2012 - Siemens and international IT services provider Atos have announced their intention to collaborate on developing an integrated solution to optimize power generation and trading – their first collaboration in the energy market since the formation of a strategic partnership in July 2011.

Enel’s GRID4EU smart grid pilot enters operational phase

[img:enel_0.gif| ]Rome, Italy --- (METERING.COM) --- February 7, 2012 - Enel’s GRID4EU smart grid pilot in the province of Forlì-Cesena in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy is now entering the operational phase, the company has announced.

The pilot, one of the six large scale smart grid demonstrations being implemented under the GRID4EU initiative, has a budget of €8.2 million and is focused on the integration of renewable energies to the grid using advanced control systems.

CPFL to invest R$215 million in smart grids by 2013

[img:Heider.thumbnail.jpg|Heider Araújo,
Director, CPFL
]São Paulo, Brazil --- (METERING.COM) --- February 7, 2012 - Brazilian power group CPFL Energia intends to invest R$215 million (US$124 million) during 2012 and 2013 in smart grid and other technologies to improve its operational performance and relationships with customers.

The program Tauron will see the rollout of 25,000 smart meters to large industrial customers, as well as the implementation of operational and mobility solutions, including mobile workforce management and outage management systems, to automate the distribution network and optimize the productivity of field workers.

£29.2 million funding for grid innovation in U.K.

[img:cash-in-hand-$6637$180.thumbnail.jpg| ]Capenhurst, U.K. --- (METERING.COM) --- February 7, 2012 - Britain’s Energy Innovation Center has available funding of £29.2 million for individuals and companies to bring new technologies for tomorrow’s energy industry to market.
The initiatives will be selected by five of the U.K. electricity distribution companies, Electricity North West, Northern Power Grid, ScottishPower Energy Networks, Scottish and Southern Energy, and UK Power Networks. These companies are looking to implement new services and technologies to enhance the way power is transported, monitored and stored.

Low cost satellite communications solution for smart metering from Inmarsat

[img:DrewBrady.thumbnail.jpg|Drew Brandy,
Industry, Inmarsat
]London, U.K. --- (METERING.COM) --- February 2, 2012 -  A new two-way IP data service targeting the growing global market for smart metering and other machine-to-machine communications, BGAN M2M, has been launched by mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat.

BGAN M2M is intended as a low cost solution suitable for M2M applications that would typically send between 1 Mb and 50 Mb per terminal per month.

U.S. smart grid projects falling down on security

[img:GregoryFriedman.thumbnail.jpg|Gregory H. Friedman,
Inspector General,
]Washington, DC, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- January 31, 2012 - A number of the smart grid projects being funded through the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 do not have adequate cybersecurity requirements, according to the Department of Energy’s inspector general.

Empresa Eléctrica Pública de Guayaquil selects CYME software for distribution analysis

[img:AlbertoTamaFranco.thumbnail.jpg|Alberto Tama,
]Guayaquil, Ecuador --- (METERING.COM) --- January 31, 2012 - Empresa Eléctrica Pública de Guayaquil has been using Cooper Power Systems CYME™ Power Engineering Analysis Software for Transmission Systems (PSAF) for more than a decade, and is now working actively to complete a project using the CYME CYMDIST solution for distribution analysis.

BMW and Tendril partner to demonstrate electric vehicle and smart home...

[img:AdrianTuck.thumbnail.jpg|Adrian Tuck,
CEO, Tendril
]Boulder, CO, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- January 30, 2012 - Tendril and the BMW Group Technology Office USA have announced a partnership to build out a demonstration smart energy home in Mountain View, Calif. to prepare for the rollout and integration of the new BMW ActiveE electric vehicle (EV).

The partnership will integrate the BMW ActiveE with the home area network via Tendril's cloud platform to provide managed charging.

Next generation ZigBee Smart Energy gateway from Digi

[img:Larry%20Kraft.thumbnail.jpg|Larry Kraft,
Senior VP Global
Sales and Marketing,
Digi International
]Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- January 30, 2012 - The ConnectPort® X2e for Smart Energy gateway has been introduced by Digi as a low cost, enhanced version of its ZigBee Smart Energy gateway.

The gateway connects ZigBee Smart Energy devices from a home area network (HAN) to an energy service provider via broadband. It offers additional memory and processing power for over the air updates of connected Smart Energy devices, making it easier for utilities and application partners to establish and maintain large Smart Energy device deployments.

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