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News, insights and utility activities concerning developments and improvements to the smart grid, transmission lines, substations, transformers and distribution network. Furthermore, we highlight the digital technology, communication protocols, controls, automation and technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, allowing for smart response and demand management. The electric grid category also includes the influence of consumer interaction with smart devices within smart homes and the associated impact on tariffs and supply, as well as any and all topics relating to the power delivery system and energy consumption.

Smart grid synchrophasor cyber security guidelines released

[img:Bobby_0.JPG|Bobby Brown,
Project Manager,
]Knoxville, TN, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 13, 2011 - A first-of-its-kind smart grid related cyber security document offering prescriptive, actionable guidance for utilities and vendors implementing synchrophasor technology has been released by power engineering and consulting service provider EnerNex.

Smart Grid Customer Demonstration Center inaugurated in Hyderabad

[img:vijayanand_vadrevu_0.jpg|Vijayanand Vadrevu,
Chief Strategy Officer,
Mahindra Satyam
]Hyderabad, India --- (METERING.COM) --- June 10, 2011 - A Smart Grid Customer Demonstration Center (CDC) has been inaugurated by global consulting and IT services provider Mahindra Satyam at its 50 Ha Technology Center campus in Hyderabad, aimed to help customers understand the next generation technology in real time and evaluate various technologies underlying the smart grid ecosystem.

Hydro-Québec joins EPRI smart grid demonstration

[img:epri_logo.thumbnail.gif| ]Knoxville, TN, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 9, 2011 - Hydro-Québec’s smart grid project has joined EPRI’s Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative as its 12th large scale demonstration site.
The project intends to address performance and interoperability of a smart distribution system, consisting of a number of advanced distribution applications and the associated technologies. Utilizing the site of a conservation voltage reduction pilot, control of the project’s numerous distributed energy resources (DER) are integrated in the distribution management system (DMS). An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and meter data management system (MDMS) provide a bi-directional link between the utility and the customer. Beyond the interface with the customer, the AMI provides a potential source of voltage measurement for advanced distribution applications.

French government calls for proposals for smart grid initiatives

[img:marianne_0.gif| ]Paris, France --- (METERING.COM) --- June 8, 2011 - The French government has issued a call for expressions of interest in smart grid projects, with funding of €250 million ($364 million) being made available for this purpose.

Projects will be required to take into account some or all of the following issues:
  • Better integration of renewable energy resources in the network
  • The control and management of electricity demand to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve energy efficiency purposes
  • New developments related to power grids such as the arrival of positive energy buildings, smart meters or electric vehicles and /or plug-in hybrids
  • New business models through synergy between players in the energy and other sectors such as telecommunications, equipment, etc.
  • The creation of a local industry for the development and export of smart grid technology.
Emphasis will be placed on projects that improve automation and network monitoring, while ensuring greater security and resilience. The development of technologies to improve energy efficiency of the network (DC components, power electronics, etc.) will also be supported. Finally, consideration of interoperability solutions and their standardization is eagerly awaited.

SDG&E outlines smart grid plan

[img:James%20Avery%201.thumbnail.jpg|James P. Avery,
Senior VP of Power
Supply, SDG&E
]San Diego, CA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 8, 2011 - San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has filed a plan outlining its smart grid vision and providing a roadmap for how San Diego's electricity grid will develop over the next decade and empower the utility’s customers with the latest technology and service choices.

According to SDG&E, customer choice is a potent driver of its smart grid deployment plan. For example, a growing number of customers are installing rooftop solar power systems on their homes, and San Diego has the highest number of installed residential systems of any city in California.

Further, the region is home to the greatest number of plug-in electric vehicles in the country, and will have significant growth in the coming months and years.

Smart Grid Forum announces utilities and communications working groups

[img:Khalilian_0.jpg|Michael Khalilian,
President, NGN Forum
]Denver, CO, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 8, 2011 - The Smart Grid Forum, which focuses on the role of next generation networks and applications in the development of smart grids, has established working groups in the areas of security, infrastructure and network management, green energy, applications development, business intelligence, and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Smart grid scorecard for California utilities released by Environmental Defense Fund

[img:miriam-horn.thumbnail.jpg|Miriam Horn,
Director of EDF's
smart grid initiative
]Sacramento, CA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 7, 2011 - The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released a framework against which California’s smart grid deployment plans can be critically evaluated.

The framework, which is aligned to the state smart grid roadmap, comprises four goals – reduced from the California Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) 11 goals – namely:

Green Energy Corp announces release of GreenBus 2.0 to improve interoperability...

[img:PeterG.thumbnail.jpg|Peter Gregory, CEO,
Green Energy Corp
]June 3, 2011 - Green Energy Corp, a software technology company that enables traditional and emerging power providers to move to the Smart Grid, today announced the release of its Smart Grid platform, GreenBus® 2.0. Several customers have already adopted the latest release, including the National Science Foundation FREEDM Center and Piedmont Electric of North Carolina

Consortium to provide trial Smart Grid for Maui, Hawaii

[img:Distribution%20(Custom).thumbnail.jpg| ]June 3, 2011 - Tokyo and Maui, Hawaii have partnered together using GE Energy and enlisting the services of companies: Hitachi, Ltd., Cyber Defense Institute, Inc., JFE Engineering Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., and Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. is the project’s coordinator and the project is headed by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). These companies are also relying on their cooperation with the U.S. State of Hawaii, Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HECO), the University of Hawaii, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Primus Power has announced additional funding to finance its battery technology

[img:Dollar%20(Custom).thumbnail.jpg| ]June 1, 2011 - The batteries can quickly store energy brought in from solar power and wind power projects and release that electricity during peak load times. The batteries work by using a conductive solution that has free-floating ions by an electrode in an electrochemical cell. That causes a chemical reaction, inducing a current that can transfer electricity across a power grid. If the process is reversed, the battery stores electricity.

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