Personalised reports help utility highlight smart grid benefits


US energy supplier to more than 4 million customers in Illinois state, ComEd, is providing its residential consumers with personalised grid reliability reports.

The reports will highlight the percentage of time consumers received power and experienced outages during the course of the prior year.

Customers will be able to compare their reports with that of the previous year, other municipalities, service territories and consumers served by ComEd.

The reports will be sent to ComEd customers who:

  1. Did not change their location since January 1 2018
  2. Have not stopped service with ComEd by the time they receive their March 2019 bill

The aim is to highlight how the utility’s $2.6 billion in investments made since 2011 has improved grid reliability.

Terry Donnelly, COO of ComEd, said: “When we began work to improve the grid, we made a commitment to improve the reliability of customers’ electric service.

 “With ComEd’s reliability improving more than 60% since 2012, we’re pleased to help customers understand how our overall performance translates to their service individually.”