PPL Electric Utilities named the ‘Most Improved Utility’ in 2019


US utility PPL Electric Utilities has been awarded the 2019 ReliabilityOne Most Improved Utility Award 2019 by PA Consulting.

The award recognises the utility’s dramatic improvements in grid reliability over the past decade.

PA Consulting awards the prize in recognition of notable sustained improvements by utilities in their effort to keep the power on.

ReliabilityOne participants on average experienced 53% fewer sustained outages, which were 41% shorter than the average US investor-owned utility.

Greg Dudkin, president of PPL Electric Utilities, said: “We’re honoured to be recognised for the innovation and dedication that over the past decade has made the PPL grid one of the smartest and most reliable in the country.

“This is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of our employees to deliver for our customers who depend on us for safe, reliable electric service regardless of weather conditions. Our customers benefit from a top-performing and resilient grid and we continue to improve to meet the demands of a changing energy landscape that includes more and more renewable power sources, like solar and wind.”

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PPL Electric Utilities has replaced ageing infrastructure, built new lines and substations to improve resiliency, implement smart grid technology and instituted an improved comprehensive line clearance programme.

Grid modernisation programmes deployed by the utility have:

  • Reduced outages by30% compared to 2011
  • Average availability for the past three years has been 99.99%
  • Transmission-related outages are down 75% since 2013

Gregg Edeson, PA Consulting’s ReliabilityOne Programme Director, adds:  “This year we recognise a new category of top performers, the ‘most improved’ utilities in the US PPL Electric Utilities has been on a journey to improve reliability via innovative technologies and people-led process improvement.”

PPL Electric Utilities provides electric delivery service to more than 1.4 million consumers in Pennsylvania and ranks among the best utility companies in the country for customer service and reliability.