Scotiabank to provide new financial services to Enel customers in Columbia


Italian multi-national utility Enel has partnered with banking group Scotiabank Colpatria to develop new financial services for residential and small and medium-sized businesses in Columbia.

The utility has partnered with the bank through its subsidiaries energy distribution firm Enel Codensa and energy services company Enel X.

Enel will leverage the new partnership to expand its credit card offering available through the Credito Facil Codensa, a programme launched in 2009 by Enel-Codensa and Colpatria.

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Through the programme, Enel-Codensa can process bill payments via credit card transactions.

Enel customers will be able to use their credit card for any kind of expenses inside Colombia and abroad, and for a wide range of services, including public transportation.

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For instance, customers will use the credit card to pay for tickets of the Integrated Public Transport System and the TransMilenio network in Bogotá.

Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, said: “This partnership is an important step forward to position our company as a relevant player in Colombia’s credit card market and as a leading provider of financial services, by leveraging on the expertise of our partner, Scotiabank Colpatria, as well as on the know-how acquired by Enel-Codensa over the years through the successful experience of CFC.

“The initiative exemplifies Enel X’s commitment to offering new and innovative services tailored to the diverse needs of its customers, through solutions that go well beyond the traditional energy commodity model and are built upon a customer centricity approach.”

“For Scotiabank Colpatria, this partnership is very important, as it allows us to meet the specific needs of a very relevant segment of our customers, providing them with an efficient and quality service. We are sure that with Enel we will strengthen our offer for the benefit of Colombian customers,” said Jaime Alberto Upegui, Chairman of Scotiabank Colpatria.

Enel is one of the main private investors in Colombia’s energy sector, is the country’s largest generation company with a total capacity of around 3.6GW, of which approximately 3.1GW from 15 hydro facilities and over 400 MW from two thermal power plants.

Enel distributes and sells electricity to around 3.5 million end-users in Bogotá and more than 100 municipalities in the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Tolima, Caldas and Meta.

Enel X has over 400,000 efficient public lighting points and 357 public and private charging points.