South America utility to deploy smart grid tech


The chairman of Guyana Power and Light, Robert Badal, stated that the utility’s grid is “still very old.”

He continued, “A lot of lines have been there for years, we have Wallaba posts bracing on each other; so we have to examine the grid.”

Badal expressed the need for the country to move toward a smart grid which would end physical meter reading. [Siemens led consortium to address non-technical losses in Brazil]

Itron and i2O water deal

In related news, Itron partnered with UK headquartered smart water solutions firm i2O Water to help Brazilian utility SANASA improve its operations and reduce water loss.

Itron will integrate i20 Water’s smart pressure management technology into SANASA’s water distribution network for remote management of utility’s system.

The technology automatically adjusts water pressure within the distribution system in line with consumers water usage and flow changes.

In a combined statement, SANASA said it selected the solution to reduce non-revenue water as a result of water leakages and bursts pipes.

The solution is expected to help the utility reduce operational costs, improve customer service to its 1.1 million customers and increase the life span of network infrastructure by 20% to 40%.

The system is also expected to help SANASA decrease its energy usage on water distribution thereby reducing its carbon footprint

Lina Cabral Adani, manager of water losses at SANASA, added: “We have great expectations as we use this solution and high-tech equipment, which is designed to improve the performance of pressure management and help ensure the demands required by the population with the lowest water supply are met.” [UK and Brazil to collaborate on IoT, Big Data and smart grid]

China looks to acquire Brazilian utility

In a another deal, the State Grid of China is pursuing the takeover of Brazilian electric company CPFL Energia SA, a deal which could be China’s largest investment in the country.

According to Market Watch, China’s primary power grid operator is ‘wooing’ shareholders of CPFL Energia SA and a listed subsidiary according to sources close to the matter.

The State Grid expects to secure stakes in the $13 billion deal from large holders this month, prior to making a full offer to the rest.

A release states that “the $13 billion deal, the value of which includes the assumption of CPFL’s 18.3 billion reias ($5.8 billion) of debt, could bring a fresh dose of foreign capital to Brazil, which is slogging through one of its deepest recessions ever.”