India to deploy first Active Network Management for DER optimisation


Indian utility TANTRANSCO has selected energy consultants Enzen and clean energy tech company Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) to optimise the management of its distributed energy resources (DERs).

The contract is India’s first Active Network Management (ANM) deal and will enable TANTRANSCO to manage one of the largest, most diverse renewable resources across its transmission network. 

With the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu boasting a high penetration of wind and solar renewables, TANTRANSCO will leverage the technology to minimise renewable energy curtailment and improve system balancing in near-real-time.

ANM is a key component for a smart grid and manages existing and new flexible network-connected devices autonomously to increase the overall grid stability and reduce operational and new infrastructure costs without breaching operational limits.

As a result, this solution will enable TANTRANSCO to manage network constraints by actively managing renewable generators in real time.

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The project will utilise both of SGS’s ANM solutions – ANM Strata and ANM Element – which have been developed in the United Kingdom, and currently manage 500MW of clean energy assets in major power networks in Europe and the United States. 

The ANM-based systems work by measuring the status of each of the key transmission circuits to identify if their operational limits are being approached. Only at times when circuit loading dictates, re-dispatch instructions are sent to generators to reduce output to a safe level. Generators are restored to full output as soon as the constraint is relieved so the overall energy product effect can be small. 

Dr. Uma Rajarathnam, vice president and global head of applied research and collaboration at Enzen, said: “The pilot is an important step in maximising renewable energy uptake by the grid, and realising the full benefit of renewable energy for electricity companies, project developers and communities.”

Alan Gooding, executive director at Smarter Grid Solutions, said: “We are delighted to contribute to this ground-breaking development in India’s power grid. The prize of low cost, quicker and more flexible renewable generation connections and operation will further advance India’s clean energy goals.”