TCEE, ADD GRUP presented an intelligent split-system for electricity metering based on ADDAX technology at a conference in Palestine


At the end of May 2019, the Palestinian Association of Water Service Providers held its 5th conference entitled: “Towards integration between the water and energy sectors”.

The event was held in Ramallah City by the Palestinian Water Authority and with the participation of Authority of Energy.

The conference aimed to mobilize local and international efforts to find realistic and feasible solutions for problems of  water sector in Palestine. Integration with energy sector was also a focus, as it is the most interconnected and influences the state of the water sector in Palestine.

The conference allowed the participants to meet with numerous companies interested in discussing projects related to energy and water sectors and their possible support in financing the sector of water in Palestine.

Technical Company for Electrical Engineering “TCEE “ located in Ramallah, acted as Gold Sponsor and representative of ADD GRUP located in Moldova who is a manufacturer of intelligent equipment for electricity metering.

TCEE showed a presentation with the following key points:

  • Overview of TCEE and ADD GRUP profiles 
  • Losses calculation and improvement
  • Transformer currents and load management

They also discussed the handling of alarm notifications, online data requests, the remote connection and disconnection of meters, and lastly, the ability to send the customer credit “Tokens” directly to the meter by Vending Stations.

TCEE built an Android and Apple mobile application that allows customers to monitor their balance, current, voltage, daily energy consumption and send credits directly to the meter, as well as receive packages of mobile text messages to notify the customers about credit less than 20 Kwh, or any other alarm notifications.

In case of meter credit reaching zero, the customer can send a text message to the server to request credit of 15 Kwh after mid-night which shall be paid  by the customer with the first purchase.

ADD GRUP and TCEE’s fruitful cooperation began with a pilot project “intelligent split-system for electricity metering based on ADDAX technology”, installed in Rummaneh Village located in Jenin.

The project was a good start and showed excellent results to tackle electricity theft, reduce power losses, improve transformers load management, cost and time of servicing electrical networks.

The success of the pilot has created new opportunities, where currently there are more than 5,000 ADDAX meters installed in Palestine with more to come.