TNB investing in smarter grid for Malaysia


Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is enhancing digital and technological advancements to maximise the efficiency and reliability of the country’s national power grid.

The electric utility aims to be one of the top 10 utility players globally by 2025 by becoming a future forward grid, fully digitised and automated.

TNB has secured RM18.8 billion ($480 million) capital allocation to invest in its transmission and distribution grid until 2020.

Of this amount, RM2.7 billion will be invested into ‘Grid of the Future’ technologies that help improve the grid’s reliability and efficiency, such as scheduled deployment of 340,000 smart meters in Melaka and subsequent deployment of an additional 1.2 million smart meters in the Klang Valley.

The investment will include advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and grid automation, which are expected to contribute to further advancements in network reliability and efficiency.

TNB’s grid strategy is directed by aspirations to grow the national grid to become one of the smartest, automated and digitally enabled grids; to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of the grid; and to transform customer experience and offerings through embedding innovations into the grid.

This is of great importance, given that domestic demand for power and utilities is expected to improve in 2018 as a result of improved macroeconomic conditions.

Electricity demand growth was moderate at 1% in TNB’s 2017 financial year in line with expectations as Malaysia was gradually moving out from being a wholly industrialised nation.