ADD GRUP and VKG Elektrivõrgud mark partnership milestone


For over 10 years ADD GRUP has been cooperating with the Estonian company VKG Elektrivõrgud. To mark this milestone, they asked their partners to share their experience working with ADD GRUP equipment.

“VKG Elektrivõrgud is an energy supply company in the part of Ida-Virumaa county in Estonia. Currently VKG Elektrivõrgud provides power supply for 3 cities, Narva, Sillamae and Ust-Narva, with a total of 37 thousand meters.

The cooperation between VKG Elektrivõrgud and ADD GRUP began with a small pilot project in 2006, when they purchased about 200 single-phase meters, several routers and several three-phase meters.

The project for installation and operation was very successful and upon its completion management decided to conclude a contract for the supply of a larger batch of meters, their further implementation and operation. T

To date, only smart meters from ADD GRUP are used in our electrical network.

After a full transition to accounting with the possibility of remote reading and administration, we can list a number of advantages:

• The need for personnel engaged in the control of electricity meters fell sharply.
• The cost of work related to customer visits decreased.
• Accuracy of accounting increased.
• Automatic data transfer eliminated the possibility of errors when invoicing.
• A convenient balance analysis system has reduced commercial losses.
• Lower price in the market compared to similar solutions from other manufacturers reduced investment costs for the project.

Choice of equipment

During the launch of the ADD GRUP pilot project, they had two small remote reading projects implemented in their 0.4 kV networks from other manufacturers. During the pilot project it was shown that ADD GRUP equipment has great advantages in comparison with its competitors in many aspects:

1. When installing smart meters developed on the basis of the ADDAX IMS system, all work was just a simple replacement of the meter by an electrician. This is due to the fact that ADD GRUP meters do not need additional manipulation after their installation, in contrast to the competitors (at that time).
2. For the ADDAX IMS system, you do not need to install additional communications in the form of separate wires or repeaters, the meter communicates directly with the data transfer device (router).
3. ADD GRUP equipment can transmit data over a noisy network of 0.4 kV to the router achieved by the fact that each meter is a repeater and transmits not only information stored in itself, but also from neighboring remote meters.
4. Equipment ADDAX IMS can also transmit data over GSM networks, which gives unlimited opportunity for their installation, without additional costs for obtaining data, even from the most remote corners of the power grid.
5. ADD GRUP meters have many built-in protection features against various methods of power theft and notify the Data Collection Center of the occurrence of problems in the accounting scheme.
6. The price category of this equipment is several times cheaper than analogues from other manufacturers and this does not affect the quality of the equipment.
7. Several tariff registers are built into the meters.
8. ADD GRUP provides a very user-friendly software, which comes free of charge, with an understandable and simple interface + responsive and conscientious support service.

ADD Grup would like to thank VKG Elektrivõrgud, specifically Roman Silantjev for the appreciation of their work and they look forward to a long-lasting collaboration in the future!

The success of our partners makes us happy as if it were our own success. Therefore we try to ensure that our equipment helps them achieve excellent results.