ADD GRUP Data Concentrator DC2S PRIME certified


Many years of experience in the development of smart equipment and approvals from international laboratories, make ADD GRUP partners confident of successful cooperation. This time, the approval of the Spanish laboratory Tecnalia was given to DC2S data concentrator that passed CENELEC EN50065 and PRIME v.1.3.6 certification tests.

Spanish laboratory Tecnalia has recently certified the DC2S data concentrator against the CENELEC EN50065 and PRIME v.1.3.6 standards.

The new data concentrator, DC2S, features a rich set of interfaces: 2 Ethernet ports, RS-485 port, USB Host interface, 2G/3G/4G modem with 2 SIM-cards support and optional RF interface. The power line modem supports largely deployed PRIME v.1.3.6 and G3-PLC in the CENELEC A band, but also for PRIME v1.4 in CENELEC A and FCC bands and G3-PLC FCC.

The data concentrator is built on a high-performance CPU from a high-security family with secure boot support, which ensures operation of only ADD GRUP signed software, bringing DC security to the modern level.

The flexible platform allows the data concentrator to be used in a wide range of projects. Technology selection is made through a local or remote firmware update. This also provides for DC updates to more advanced technologies or adjustments to specific customer requirements without physically replacing the equipment.

The newly certified data concentrator will be used in projects around the world, including the EU, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

All certificates are available on ADD GRUP web site.