ADD Grup partners for smart meter production in Egypt


ADD GRUP together with UAE company HERMAS and Egyptian organisation Maasara Company for Engineering Industries have announced a smart meter production agreement in Egypt.

As part of the cooperation agreement between ADD GRUP and HERMAS, smart and prepaid meters will be manufactured at Maasara Company for Engineering Industries based on ADDAX technology developed by ADD GRUP.

HERMAS, which specialises in providing management services for business development in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, will ensure the efficiency of the business and production. The company will also be responsible for product promotion.

HERMAS offered the production lines needed to produce smart and prepaid meters inside Maasara Company for Engineering Industries premises (Maasara is a subsidiary Company of the National Organisation for Military Production in Egypt). Maasara has signed the agreement with HERMAS for cooperation in the field of smart and prepaid electricity meter production.

ADD GRUP and HERMAS have signed an agreement of cooperation under which ADD GRUP, being a leading company in the design and manufacturing of AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) solutions, as the technical partner will provide the designs and develop the meters, as well as monitor the implementation of international technical standards along with testing and quality control.

The necessary production equipment and tools have already been purchased and installed, a laboratory for quality control is equipped and Massara engineers have undergone and passed their training at ADD GRUP, where they learned all the subtleties of meter manufacturing.

To date, under the Maasara brand, the first 1,000 meters have been already produced (800 prepayment meters and 200 smart meters). Smart meters have already passed all the approval stages at the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company and are ready for delivery for the Electricity Distribution Company smart metering project.

The prepayment meters are at the final stage of testing and will be approved for mass production in late July 2018. Full-scale production is planned to be launched in autumn 2018.

The meters will be sold in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

Within the framework of the agreement signed by the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Egypt for the provision of smart meters, over a period of time up to 20 million smart meters should be installed to help utilities improve the management and operation of energy networks.

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