ADD GRUP smart meters now in Palestine


The Technical Company for Electrical Engineering (TCEE) in Palestine, has launched a pilot project in the village of Rummanah to introduce an intelligent split-system for electricity metering based on ADDAX technology.

Unauthorised connections and theft of electricity is a serious problem for Palestinian energy companies. Electromechanical meters, as well as modern electronic meters, can’t track the location of the theft and prevent losses, hence the decision to introduce the intelligent ADDAX IMS accounting system developed by ADD GRUP via a pilot project. A similar project was recently launched with the Hungarian electric grid operator E.ON.

The first smart meters were installed in the village of Rummanah, located 17 km north-west of the city of Jenin. As part of the project 850 single-phase pole meters, 50 three-phase meters, 25 three-phase transformer meters, 6 data concentrators, AMI system and an STS compatible vending station were connected.

The main focus of the pilot project was on single-phase pole meters, which were installed on a pole or fixed to wires above the ground without any box enclosure. Such an installation is safe for streets and can withstand extreme weather conditions (rain, direct sunlight, dust or sand storms). One of the main advantages of the design is that the meter itself is inaccessible to outsiders and the possibility of illegal access is close to zero.

An effective tool to avoid the accumulation of consumer debt to the supplier is the installation of a prepayment system based on the STS standard. For this purpose, a vending station was established for the purchase of 20-digit numeric codes that allow consumers to load a certain amount of kWh, thus refilling their account. The consumer can enter a 20-digit code using the Consumer Interface keyboard to load the credit into the meter.

Since the first months of work, the pilot project has shown very promising results. The Palestinian company, having analysed the work of ADD GRUP meters, has identified a number of advantages, including:

  • The ability to remotely connect and disconnect consumers, this reducing costs and saving time.
  • The ability to calculate power losses of a specific transformer.
  • The ability to detect problems and fix them as soon as possible.
  • The ability to load the profile and monitor the consumption load for a period — from 5 minutes to 24 hours – allowing the utility to develop an accurate picture of energy losses.
  • The ability to reduce the load of the transformer by obtaining data for each feeder.

The energy company also noted the attractive design and compactness of the meters, which are very convenient to installation and use, as well as saving on the enclosure boxes, that in this case are not needed as the pole meter in question can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The project has become a good start for the promotion of smart meters ADD GRUP in the electricity market of Palestine. Several municipal networks of the country have already placed orders for the commercial implementation of ADDAX split solutions.