ADDAX IMS – Part of Intracom Telecom lowest bid for HEDNO smart metering project in Greece


Intracom Telecom’s bid for a project of 200,000 meters HEDNO project came in at the lowest price on the opening of bid envelopes on Friday 4 November. As the operator of the power distribution network in Greece, HEDNO’s project is the first phase in a programme to replace 7.5 millio meters nationwide.

The first 10,000 meters will be delivered in 9 months from contract signature (anticipated to be the end of January 2017); and the remaining meters deployed in 15 months.

The project, offered by Intracom Telecom, shall utilize PRIME PLC (1.3.6) as the main communication technology. At least 20% of the meters will have GPRS as a second communication solution.

The offer by global telecoms solutions vendor, Intracom Telecom, includes meters from two manufacturers: ADD GRUP and Elgama-Electronika. The meters are interoperable with ADDAX concentrators provided by ADD GRUP and the system will be managed by head-end software provided by Atende, a Polish system integrator specializing in ICT system integration, technical infrastructure integration and services based on technological platforms.

The project will give consumers detailed information on their real – not estimated – electricity bill. Moreover, through 30,000 In-Home Displays (which will be supplied by ADD GRUP) HEDNO will test how the enhanced awareness of their own consumption could help consumers save energy.