New deals put UK on track to meet 2020 AMI deadline


Despite challenges such as the Brexit negotiations and technical constraints hindering the UK from meeting its 2020 smart meter installation targets, progress is underway.

A number of contracts have been signed which will allow the expansion of the UK’s smart meter portfolio.

Utilities Cooperative Energy Limited and Octopus have recently signed deals with Smart Metering Systems (SMS) for the provision and installation of smart meters and management services.

Cooperative Energy Limited has tasked SMS with the funding and installation of advanced meters in service territories with approximately 326,000 consumer metering points.

The smart meter project is also expected to help the utility to expand its renewables capacity and meet target to provide all of its customers with 100% energy generated from clean resources.

Octopus signed a meter rental agreement with SMS for the provision of 200,000 new SMETS2 meters.

SMETS 2 meters will enable consumers to switch energy suppliers by connecting with the Data Communications Company, maintain and extend the highest standard of security for householder data and will facilitate the connection of all types of home renewable and microgeneration technology onto the grid, supporting a cleaner, greener UK.

Alan Foy, CEO at SMS, said:”We are delighted to be working with Octopus Energy, a supplier of 100% green electricity. Octopus Energy is backed by the Octopus Group, which is a large investor in renewable generation internationally and the United Kingdom’s largest investor in solar power.”