Dothan Utilities use single AMI network to simplify operations


The City of Dothan in the US state of Alabama has selected Aclara to deploy advanced metering infrastructure for its water and electric customers.

The project will include the installation of 31,000 electric and 35,000 smart water meters using a single network.

Aclara also provided its IoT two-way communication network and software platform for data telemetry and management.

The new AMI system will help Dothan to provide outage restoration and prepayment services, as well as enhance operations and customer service for city residents.

The prepayment programme eliminates upfront deposits, prevents monthly billing surprises, empowers customers to track usage, and allows them to manage their own payment cycles.

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AMI data will be funneled directly into the utility’s outage management system, providing an immediate view into the extent of an outage.

Chris Phillips, the electric operations superintendent at Dothan Utilities, said: “The financial benefits from the prepay programme for our budget-conscious customers as well as Dothan Utilities has been tremendous. To achieve this, getting 15-minute data from electric meters and hourly data from water meters read by Aclara’s AMI system was instrumental.

“Now that we’ve tied the Aclara system [through the interface available in AclaraONE] into our outage management system, we see outage information automatically.

“This allows our crews to more quickly pinpoint where repairs must be made on the distribution system.”

Kumi Premathilake, the division vice president of AMI and services at Aclara, adds: “The ability to flexibly configure the network, as well as manage both water and electric data with the same head-end software, allows the utility to cost-effectively and efficiently serve its customers.”