EDF hits 100,000 smart meter rollout milestone in India


EDF has announced the deployment of 100,000 smart meters in India’s first large scale smart prepaid rollout.

The milestone marks the completion of the first stage of what will be a 5 million smart meter rollout across India by EDF and Accenture.

Almost half of the meters will be deployed in Bihar state, which has successfully piloted the technology and will be the first to deploy it at scale.

The $70 million contract with the Ministry of Power administered Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) covers the design of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), the installation of the smart meters, their integration with the existing billing system of the electricity distribution companies and operation and maintenance of the system for a period of six and half years.

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“It’s a paradigm shift we are doing and we wanted an international expertise,” says Saurabh Kumar, Executive Vice Chairman of EESL.

“EDF has been able to create a solution, demonstrate it seamlessly and efficiently. Knowing consumer behaviour, what kind of support we can get from the local stakeholders was something which has been a great learning experience for us.”

The smart prepaid meters are connected through a web-based monitoring system, which is intended to help to reduce the commercial losses of utilities by improving their revenue collection as well as providing customers with an avenue to track their power usage in real time.

This feature has been demonstrated over the past year with the Bihar distribution companies generating a daily revenue collection of Rs500,000 ($6,700), with consumers recharging their prepaid smart meters with an average Rs20 ($0.27) daily.

Oher key benefits experienced of the smart prepaid metering have included a marked reduction in peak power purchase cost, the ability to conduct power quality analysis in near-real and a reduction in the utility carbon footprint due to the reduced meter reading, disconnection/reconnections and outage detection.

The Smart Meter National Programme aims to replace 250 million conventional meters with smart meters in India. Under the smart meter national programme, over 1.6 million smart meters have been installed in the country.

“Smart meters are an essential part of the energy transition,” says Marie-Line Bassette, CEO of EDF International Networks.

“This project is important and symbolises the links between India and France on a topic on which the two countries have come together, the fight against global warming.”

EDF also is technical consultant to the New Delhi Municipal Council for deployment of its smart grid project and leader of the consortium to develop the vision and roadmap for the ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ (OSOWOG) project.