Ed’s note: GB smart meter rollout under fire


Recent news on Smart Energy International has revealed that the smart meter rollout in the UK is under pressure. In addition to accusations that the Big Six utilities are using smart meters to curtail competition, many meters are still operating in ‘dumb’ mode and savings have fallen far short of original predictions.

According to various media, smart meters are only going to save consumers GBP11 per annum. This is coupled with reports stating that Mike O’Brien, the champion behind the initial drive for smart meters, has had his smart meter removed and that the government may have “made bad assumptions in designing the programme.”

As early as 2014, MPs debated whether the initial savings of between GBP46 and GBP26 [per annum] as proposed then was worth it. Delays and additional costs to the programme are said to have significantly reduced these savings.

What do you think? 

There has long been a debate about where the actual value of smart meter rollouts accrues in the short term vs the long term.

Are we missing the point with smart meters? Have we sold the value proposition incorrectly to consumers – how important is it if the majority of the benefit in the shorter term accrues to the utility – surely consumers benefit in the long run? Are smart meters just another expensive marketing exercise that have run their course?

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Originally published in the Smart Energy International 2018/07/31