Exporting 8 years of experience deploying, operating, and maintaining smart metering systems in Spain


Recently, Roberto Zangrandi, General Secretary European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO), was interviewed on the ENLIT virtual event platform and said that: 

“(…), [DSO] suddenly realised that their people needed thorough re-skilling, professional re-skilling in order to be able to replace the meters themselves.

But surprisingly, it was not just a matter of the right the screwdriver and the right sequence of operation and the right cautiousness in handling electrical wires – it was a mental re-skilling. (…) So, it is not just a sequence of operations. It is the awareness to be part of a complex evolution that is taking place in the moment”.

Arkossa was born 8 years ago with the mission of offering the services, tailored to each DSO, to support the deployment, the operations, and the maintenance of the new smart metering networks. And throughout these years has acquired a vast experience as a rollout and smart metering services provider with advanced field operations. The result being innovative systems and procedures, including a smarter workforce adapted to the new DSO’s smart metering needs, to achieve a successful, efficient and 100% connected smart metering system.

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Smart meters offer benefits to all players in the value chain: governments, utilities and consumers, among others. In order to obtain these benefits fully it is essential to have the whole smart metering system 100% connected continuously. Not achieving this goal has an elevated cost in excessive OPEX, regulatory disadvantages and with the result of unsatisfied customers.

In this sense, Arkossa has implemented and well-tested services to support all the phases of a smart metering system life, to achieve all of these benefits efficiently. These phases include the value-added smart metering roll-out, the operations & maintenance of the electricity network (OMSDEN), PLC network optimization projects and the smart meters mass reprogramming.

The new electricity distribution systems are evolving at great pace adding new communications technologies, new management systems, tools and remote services optimised for the new technologies. This transforms the distribution network into a complex network that includes electricity energy distribution with diverse flows and a telecommunications network with a large number of communications nodes.

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The O&M of an heterogeneous telecommunications network, that includes plc communications in low voltage, BPL in medium voltage, fibre-optics, cellular network, etc., with multiple technologies including PRIME, G3, METERS&MORE, BPL, GPON, GSM, etc. convey new and complex challenges.

Arkossa has the experience to carry out a deployment service with added value, replacing the existing old meters with the new PLC meters, with greater efficiency and performance.

The value-added deployment service used to replace the new meters makes it possible to verify the quality levels of the network as it is deployed, guaranteeing the full operations of the entire network throughout the process.

Operating and maintaining the network needs new technical skills and capabilities to understand its complexity. OMSDEN service consists of the operations and maintenance activities of the telecommunications network associated with the smart metering system, to the degree indicated by the DSO, being able to reach a complete outsourcing, focused on the connectivity from all meters to the central systems of the DSO. To do this, all the remote activities, in the Network Operations Centre (NOC), and the field operations as necessary, will be carried out, in coordination with the operations centres of the DSO. The service is dimensioned to adapt to the requirements and service levels (SLA) that are agreed with the DSO.

The meters’ massive testing, programming and parameterization, with a mix of remote and in Arkossa’s banks, service covers the needs before and after any deployment and guaranties successful meter replacement reducing the OPEX significantly.

For the DSO to benefit from all of these skills and deep knowledge requires not just a matter of the right the screwdriver and the right sequence of operation and the right cautiousness in handling electrical wires – it is a mental re-skilling and a deeply procedures and ecosystem transformation from electromechanical to digital.

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