Fiji begins water meter upgrade


According to the Fiji Times, the South Pacific water utility has called upon Elster Kent Metering Ltd in the UK and Kent Water New Zealand Ltd to provide week-long training for the WAF Integrated Meter Management (IMM) staff members. [Global water metering market worth $7.5bn by 2026]

[quote] Fred Fuakilau, WAF’s Integrated Meter Management (IMM) team leader, said that accurate metering is fundamental to the conservation of water resources, as well as the successful financial and operational management of existing water supply networks.

Mr Fuakilau said: “This provided cost-effective, reliable training, that is innovative and robust in terms of upgrading the existing meters to smart meters.

“It allows the meters to be read in real time, either at the click of a button on a computer or by using a hand-held device.

“This enables an accurate reading to be made as well as alerting the operator to any leaks or meter tampering.”

Furthermore, Sekove Uluinayau, the water authority’s general manager for customer service, said last year that the Government would have the final say on new tariff charges for water bills in the country – this is once the Water Authority of Fiji’s new billing system was fully implemented.

Mr Uluinayau said the Government would need to approve any changes in tariffs.

“If tariff changes we will also have to review necessary legislation,” he said.

Island water meter solution

In related news, Itron has been chosen by Provo Water Company Ltd to upgrade its water meter system. [Itron and WaterSmart partner on customer engagement]

Provo Water Company is the water provider to the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales.

The utility will deploy Itron’s smart water network and analytics, and will be managed using Itron Total Outcomes, the company’s managed services offering.

The smart water meter solution will be leveraged to improve the efficacy of water delivery on the island. According to a company release, Provo Water’s potable water is produced by reverse osmosis desalination, which is a costly process.

The solution will also help the island utility to better account for water usage, reduce waste, protect revenue and conserve resources.

Itron will oversee all aspects of Provo Water’s data collection system, thereby reducing the burden of day-to-day management tasks.

The company will be responsible for the analytical outcomes, and will deliver regular analytical reports, as well as provide operational recommendations to the utility.

Provo Water will also use the smart water network integrated with its billing system.