France’s largest gas provider reaches smart meter milestone with Oracle

French distribution system operator GRDF has rolled out more than four million smart meters, powered by Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM).

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GRDF has set a goal to deploy smart meters in 11 million households by 2023 to improve energy management and enhance customer satisfaction.

The utility is leveraging Oracle Utilities’ MDM to modernize its natural gas transmission network. The initiative is part of GRDF’s energy transition efforts.

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The MDM helps the utility to not only capture the data but securely optimise its use and management to support core operations and fuel innovation.

The project will result in a fully digitized and connected network that will deliver benefits to customers and the environment by integrating renewable gas, enhancing safety, providing data to better manage gas supply, and linking with other networks to enhance flexibility and storage capacity.  

The smart meter roll-out will provide GRDF with massive amounts of interval meter data that will be essential to running a more efficient, cleaner network.

Smart meters is a hot topic being discussed at this year’s European Utility Week and POWERGEN EUROPE conference. Click here to watch more videos or to read more news coming out of the conference.

GRDF serves 90% of France’s gas market.

Vincent PERTUIS, GRDF Director for Smart Gas Metering Programme, said:  “The move to smart meters and implementation of new digitized functionalities are critical to delivering a natural gas network that fosters energy transition for our territories.

“With Oracle MDM, GRDF will be able to use data to continue to reimagine how we serve customers, accelerate decarbonization, and increase the flexibility and reliability of our network.” 

Francois Vazille, vice president of JAPAC & EMEA, Oracle Utilities, adds: “GRDF’s smart grid modernization project is the largest in the world and hitting the four million smart meter marker represents tremendous progress.

“Oracle MDM is a critical component to GRDF’s digital transformation journey and in opening up new opportunities for GRDF to serve its customers with clean, reliable energy.”